8 Ways To Gain Respect From Your Employees

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All managers want their employees to respect and adore them. But it is hard to gain employee trust nowadays with all the stories flowing around. Moreover, bosses would never admit to themselves or realize that they are bad. These 8 ways will help you become the perfect leader that your employee respect:

1. DO NOT Mistreat your employees

If you yell at your employees, disrespect them in front of their peers, you will immediately be known as a ‘bad boss’. Just remember that your employees have options and they will find a place to work where they are not humiliated every day. Companies with high turnover rate usually have bad leadership. This is highly common in the sales industry.

2. Let them know what to expect

One of your most important responsibilities is that your employees understand you. So, communicate as clearly as possible and let them know what kind of behavior is expected of them. You need to come up with the most important rules you want to be obeyed in your workplace. Make it limited to a few clear-cut rules instead of a hundred, that no one will even bother to read.

3. Always keep your word

When you say something, mean it. One of the responsibilities that comes with the great power of authority is maintaining your image. Employees look up to you. So, you need to provide an example of hard work, if you expect it from them. You cannot justifiably judge your employees for being lazy if you show up late 3 times a week. Always commit to deadlines that you provide yourself and always be the first one to the meetings that you schedule.

4. Constructive criticism

Always let your employees know, where they actually stand. They would be able to improve any inconsistency without knowing about it. Be clear with every employee about where they stand, what they’re doing right and what they are doing wrong. They should never be confused about what you think of them. Nobody likes to talk about how bad he or she is at his or her job, but it’s necessary to improve in the long run. If you have a problem with an employee’s work, he needs to know about it. Have regular performance reviews every month. Implement Peerly into your organization for effective Comprehensive Reports with minimum efforts.

5. Encourage Employee Feedback and Communication

Ask for input for everything. Make sure your employees know that they have they have a voice. Be a good listener, don’t get defensive when you don’t like what you hear. Create a culture where employees aren’t afraid to share something. Sometimes the issues are more sensitive than you might anticipate. So the employee fear for revealing themselves on the issue in such cases. Provide them with the power of anonymity. Introduce YourSafeHub in your organization for anonymous communication and reporting purposes.

6. Provide what your employees need to be efficient

Provide training, better equipment, and incentives. Also, get rid of all the distractions in your office. Remove everything from your office, that might act as an unnecessary distraction to your employees.

Analyse the way your office space is arranged. It might even be related to the technology they’re using. Only in extreme cases, it might even be a good idea to block all the social media websites.

7. Confront difficult decisions head on

A good manager solves problems, not avoid them. Do not procrastinate difficult decisions. It’s a part of your job to have tough conversations, make hard decisions, and face consequences. Many managers who avoid these things are actually trying not upset their employees. But postponing things that need to be dealt with head-on, will only add fuel to the fire.

8. Consistent Employee feedbacks

People love appreciation from authority figures. A good performance feedback to one of your employees will be read over and over again. Take out some time from your schedule every day to show your appreciation for good performances. Your employees will be happy to know that their hard work isn’t overlooked. They will even try to go further to get more and more spotlight.

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