Prevent Workplace bullying and harassment

Your Safe Hub is a simple, safe and secure grievance management system for companies of all sizes (and maturity)

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Why you need Your Safe Hub now more than ever

In more than 80% of cases, your employees know when there are troubles in your organization but are afraid to talk. Your Safe Hub gives them the freedom to talk without fear of persecution.

Avoid harassment lawsuits

Most employees want a happy and safe workplace. Employers who fail to provide that end up wasting an insane amount of money and time over lawsuits because they could not pay attention to the problems at the workplace.

Find Issues before they become problems

Your employees face problems related to workplace culture, harassment, stress or uncertainty. They are afraid to talk to you.

Boost employee morale, prevent turnover

Most employees who do not feel safe or happy in the workplace move to organizations with better policies and open environment. Don’t let your workspace suffer from the same problems.

Encourage Questions for Senior Management

Employees are afraid to ask questions or suggest changed to senior management resulting in rumors and fear mongering.

Get valuable suggestions from your employees

Most employees have genuine thoughts and ideas that make the workplace a lot better or provide you with additional revenue sources. Get them to talk to you anonymously.

Open a third party secure channel for your employees to communicate with you

Over 80% of employees are afraid to talk to senior management even if they face daily difficulties in their work. Your Safe Hub gives them a perfect tool to approach you without fear.

How it Works

Anonymous Complaint Filed

A person anonymously files a complaint specifying details. Personal details are not specified and the system generates a per complaint access code.

Complaint Assigned by Automated Rules

A reviewer is assigned based on configured rules. Sensitive complaints are handled separately. You are notified via email.

Anonymously Follow up and Resolve

You respond to the original complaint and communicate with the person without disclosing either identity. All communication is kept strictly confidential.


Your Personal Account

  • Get your own personal subdomain
  • Private database for your account with complete security and protection controls
  • All uploaded files are stored separately and are access controlled

Robust Grievence Management

  • Your private case management
  • Case priorities, categories and flagged cases
  • Powerful filtering options
  • Case status automatically adjusts based on response
  • Indelible records with complete case history that cannot be modified or deleted

Comprehensive Categories

  • Organize your instance in categories and subcategories with relevant questions
  • Detailed category wise case statistics
  • Sensitive category handling via program manager

Bring your team

  • Invite multiple reviewers and program administrators
  • Reviewers auto assigned based on category
  • Dashboard with user specific information
  • Summary charts and statistics

More Features

  • Anonymous and Extremely Secure
  • Highly Customizable
  • Completely Anonymous Interactions
  • Automated Change Tracking
  • Sensitive Complaint Management
  • Indelible Records
  • Separate Program Admin
  • Automated Case Assignments
  • Discreet Reminder Emails
  • PDF Case Record
  • Private Notes
  • Intelligent CaseTracker

Kickass business all over the world choose Your Safe Hub

The number of employee complaints decreased to bare minimum ever since we installed yoursafehub in our organization. We are very pleased with the results and we highly recommend this.

Reed Dan / CEO, Dunder Affiliates

Our company had been facing high employee turnover for a few years now. Yoursafehub outed all the underlying issues we never detected before. Turns out, the employees that stayed were the reason for others to go. We quickly took action and now we have a healthier working environment with a very low turnover rate. Thank You Yoursafehub!

Martin Chase / Human Resource, Amerisource Bergen

This is an extremely useful software for any organization. We were facing a lot of legal trouble before yoursafehub due to some workplace harassment cases. Yoursafehub created a system for employees to raise their voice before considering legal alternatives. Easy to use. Trustworthy. Extremely effective.

Hannah Richards / Undisclosed

We did not know we had so many hidden issues in our workplace. Ever since we introduced yoursafehub to our employees, we have been getting a lot of positive feedback. Employee morale and overall productivity increased significantly.

Allison House / Human Resource, Duncan and Son

Extremely easy to use, highly effective complaint management system. Managing the workplace has become quite easier. The Workplace has become significantly disciplined and productive. Employees feel much more secure knowing they can anonymously report any issues.

Damian Campbell / Co-founder, Michaels Enterprises

We are very happy with the service quality of the backend team at yoursafehub. We were given proper guidance and tips on how to improve our environment. Yoursafehub made a significant impact on employee morale. We highly recommend this!

Han Sheng / Human Resource, Solo Constructions

Prevent workplace bullying and harassment

Implementing YourSafeHub is the right step towards a secure organization. Thank you for taking this bold step.

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