We help companies help their employees

Back in 2014 our founders found that most of the companies do not have a truly anonymous system for reporting problems. Due to lack of such system, employees were forced to engage in kitchen gossip and speculation. This is when Your Safe Hub was born.

Values that guide us

Work Ethically

In all our transactions we must exhibit ethics and honestly. We must guide our customers onto the right path, be it not the best in our interest.

Be Resourceful

We must remain resourceful so we can serve and provide best of services to our clients. We must master the new and hone the established.

Pioneer Simplicity

We make software easier and can still achieve results. We craft ideas that save time and money and inspire others to follow.

Rethink the Norm

Innovation emerges from creativity, knowledge and curiosity. We must question and consistently innovate how work is done and what can be improved.

Thrive Together

We focus on shared success. We invite collaboration and mentoring others with positive intentions to create environment of trust and integrity.

Deliver Results

Our true measurement is determined by our ability to consistently delivering results to our clients. We are marked by our ability to deliver more than promised.

Prevent workplace bullying and harassment

Implementing YourSafeHub is the right step towards a secure organization. Thank you for taking this bold step.

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