Workplace Harassment

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Workplace Harassment

For the past few years, harassment in the workplace is getting utmost attention all over the world. Whether it’s a small business firm or a large corporation, employment harassment is nothing uncommon. Workplace harassment has tons of negative impacts on both the employee and the organization. Being harassed at work severely impacts an employee’s mental health and productivity. This is one of the reasons why employees leave the organization.

The organization also faces tons of negative consequences on the account of ignorance. Harassment at workplace leads to depleted employee morale, low productivity, high turnover, and unachieved goals. Not to mention the increasing number of employee harassment lawsuits these organizations face every year accompanied by public defamation. When put into monetary terms, workplace harassment can cost an organization far more than they could possibly afford.

It is needless to say that harassment in the workplace should not be tolerated, and organizations need to do everything in their power to prevent it from the beginning.

As a manager, it’s your primary concern to look after the safety of your employees and the interests of your organization. It’s your job to contain such issues before they spread and do harm. Here are a few measures to prevent work harassment:

Training and Awareness

Implement training and awareness sessions in your organization. Make sure your employees understand what workplace harassment is, and what they should do in case they experience or witness it.

Strict Anti-Workplace Harassment Policies

Have strict no-tolerance policies against harassment in workplace. Make sure that everyone in your organization understands the consequences of violating it.

Verbal Harassment at Work

Sometimes words do more harm than actions. While it can take many forms, inappropriate comments are how it starts. They could be a sign of potential bullying and harassment taking place in your office.

Employer Harassment / Employment Harassment

Sometimes, inappropriate behavior comes from the very people who are supposed to set an example. Ensure your staff that regardless of the position of perpetrator, appropriate actions will be taken.

Grievance Management

Do you know what’s one of the most important things that a judge considers while ruling over a Million Dollar workplace harassment lawsuit? It’s whether or not the organization did anything to address the concerns of the employee. As sensitive as these issues are, it’s needless to say that you need your employees to come forward. Employ YourSafeHub in your organization to protect your employees from such issues.