Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

For EmployersSexual Harassment in the Workplace

Sexual harassment in the workplace is bullying or enforcement of a sexual nature on a person without his/her consent. It often involves the inappropriate transaction of rewards in exchange for sexual favors. It covers a range of physical actions from sexual abuse to sexual assault. Sexual harassment in the workplace is known to take place in a wide range of social settings. Many cases have come forward from schools, private organizations, and even Catholic churches. It is one of the biggest concerns in the modern world. Women are much more prone to sexual harassment at the workplace than men. However, it’s known to go both ways. It often goes in hand with abuse of power.

Harmful effects of sexual harassment in the workplace:

Workplace sexual harassment examples

  • Unwanted sexual gestures.
  • Inappropriate touching.
  • Demanding unethical sexual favors.
  • Sharing inappropriate sexual pictures of someone.

Sexual harassment in the workplace cases has been piling up over the last few years due to the Weinstein effect. Women are no longer tolerant towards this kind of mistreatment and the perpetrators are paying for their actions. All the sexual harassment lawsuits that are filed against the individual doesn’t just harm the person in question. Companies are going bankrupt and employees are losing their jobs, all because of the actions of one particular bad boss. Last year, Weinstein company filed for bankruptcy due to all the losses incurred in its recent court cases. All the employees that lost their jobs, all the managers who got defamed, did they ever take a part in Weinstein inappropriate affairs? No. But they sure paid the price, Didn’t they?

It is needless to say that the solution we need for sexual harassment in the workplace is not the punishment, but the prevention. As a manager, it’s your job to prevent your employees and the company from any harm that may come. You need to know first hand, how to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace.