Workplace Bullying

Bullying is a kind of harassment that is not based on any particular niche. It’s all about preying on the week. But in reality, it’s the perpetrator that’s the week, not the victim. It’s a result of emotional distress, insecurities, and lack of empathy that leads to this kind of behavior. A bully in the workplace can severely hinder employee morale and discipline. There are some strict anti-workplace bullying laws in place. A workplace bullying lawsuit can essentially bring down the whole company. Not to mention the toll on victims. Employees that are bullied in the workplace tend to have lower productivity. An organization should always be on the lookout for this kind of behavior in order to protect its employees.

Harmful effects of workplace bullying:

Workplace Bullying Examples:

  • Harsh criticism
  • Intimidation
  • Violence in the workplace
  • Misuse of authority for unofficial tasks

Workplace Cyberbullying

Workplace cyberbullying can be defined as aggressive behavior, practiced via electronic media, that can demean, demoralize or harm the victim, and can take place beyond work hours. Workplace cyberbullying can leave the victims troubled and unable to cope as it can even spread to the employee’s homes.

Online anonymity has caused people to become cyber brave. This invites reckless behavior from some individuals who think they cannot be blamed for the way they behave online. There are no strict laws against workplace cyberbullying yet, but it can severely harm the victim's mental health. The number of workplace cyberbullying cases all over the world have been rising drastically every year. There is no fixed place for it to happen as bullies in the workplace can take many forms and are not limited to a single industry. However, hospitals and customer care services are recognized as hotspots for workplace cyberbullying.

Due to the compulsory use of electronic devices and the internet in jobs nowadays, the victims begin to feel trapped in ever going trauma.

Examples of cyberbullying in the workplace:

  • Harassing comments on someone’s pictures
  • Spreading false rumors online
  • Threatening emails or messages

How to stop bullies in the workplace?

Adopt a strict and clear policy to let everybody know that the organization takes workplace bullying seriously.

Cameras can’t detect workplace bullying, but employees can. In almost all the workplace bullying cases, employees leave the organization without reporting it. Implement YourSafeHub in your organization for employee grievance management and reporting purposes. It’s a secure and anonymous communication channel that protects your employees with the power of anonymity.


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