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Your Personal Account

Get your own personal subdomain
Private database for your account with complete security and protection controls
All uploaded files are stored separately and are access controlled

Robust Grievence Management

Your private case management
Case priorities, categories and flagged cases
Powerful filtering options
Case status automatically adjusts based on response
Indelible records with complete case history that cannot be modified or deleted

Comprehensive Categories

Organize your instance in categories and subcategories with relevant questions
Detailed category wise case statistics
Sensitive category handling via program manager

Bring your team

Invite multiple reviewers and program administrators
Reviewers auto assigned based on category
Dashboard with user specific information
Summary charts and statistics

More Features

Extremely Secure
Built with security first. Every complaint is stored with proper access controls including attachments.
Highly Customizable
Every aspect of Your Safe Hub is customisable for your organization's need.
Completely Anonymous Interactions
Your Safe Hub stores data with separation between reviewer and reporter to ensure complete anonymity.
Automated Change Tracking
Your Safe Hub tracks every action automatically. The records are non editable even for administrators.
Sensitive Complaint Management
Your Safe Hub provides special treatment for sensitive complaints that are only visible to program administrators.
Indelible Records
All records, conversations and actions are stored permanently. There is no provision to edit or delete anything.
Separate Program Admin
Your Safe Hub provides separate program admin to ensure nothing falls through cracks.
Automated Case Assignments
All cases are automatically assigned based on predefined categories and respective reviewers for those categories.
Discreet Reminder Emails
Your Safe Hub sends automated reminders for open complaints that require your attention without disclosing too many details in the email.
PDF Case Record
Easily generate PDF of all case history including private comments and all case facts without compromising anonymity.
Private Notes
Your Safe Hub allows entering private notes that are not visible to complaint reporter. This helps is proper documentation of the case.
Intelligent CaseTracker
Your Safe Hub has automated sorting and prioritization of more pressing issues at first based on propriatary algorithm for optimum results

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