20 Ways to Reduce Employee Turnover




Treating your employees with gratification will substantially cut down employee turnover and complaints. They will respect you as their employer, and respect your vision, enough to stay on course with the company.

Hopefully, the following ideas for preventing employee turnover will trigger a helpful response for you to make your employees respect and create a healthy working environment that they want to stay in.

Employees flourish when the work surroundings support them in achieving their objectives and dreams. The employees that share your imagination and values about the organization are the ideal ones.

These qualities and exercises for cutting down employee turnover are really hard to find in organizations nowadays. It’s because most organizations have not realized that making their employees feel valued is beneficial for both parties.

  • Give opportunities for your employees to share their knowledge via training sessions and team assignments. People like to share their knowledge. Teaching others strengthens the employee’s own knowledge. Grooming others is the first signal of learning.
  • Offer attractive benefits packages with components such as disability, life insurance and flexible hours. Research on young generation indicates that they do not want to repeat the mistakes of their parents. Offering better benefits will lead to less employee turnover.
  • Hiring intellectual people reduce employee turnover. Skilfulness make your employees extraordinary contributors. You need to make it a priority that they are not tired of doing the same old tasks. Maintain job enrichment and offer promotions.
  • Employee the right candidates from the start through behavior-based experimentation and competency screening. The key to picking out the best ones out of the crowd is to find out how well they can do the job. The right person, with the right skills, given the suitable job is how you begin.
  • Show respect for your staff at all times. Listen to their grievances; respect their input; do not discourage or shame them. Make sure they know, that you value them.
  • Give feedbacks and praise their efforts. Your recognition of their contributions is your most powerful tool and it makes them feel valued. Employees feel a sense of belongingness when they see that their work makes a difference.
  • Enable your employees to balance their work and their life outside it. Permit flexible working hours and vacations. Nobody wants to spend their days working without any time to spend his or her earnings.
  • Workplace Harassment is a leading cause of employee turnover. Implement YourSafeHub in your organization for reporting purposes. Make sure that your employees know that you value their safety.
  • Celebrate reaching milestones with food and confetti and turn the occasion into a casual party every now and then.
  • Include your staff in decisions that impact their jobs and the overall path of the company as much as possible. This plan of action will never work or be adopted by them if they only get it in an email.
  • Recognize and reward extraordinary performances. Your employees are driven when their efforts are acknowledged and rewarded.
  • Celebrate and follow company traditions. Every Halloween should be celebrated with a costume party. Have annual dinners and get-togethers with the staff on company expense.
  • Employees want to enjoy their jobs. Employ their unique talents into the everyday working of the organization.
  • Encourage employees to refer their friends and make new ones at work. This will increase their commitment to the organization as a whole.
  • Make your employees believe, that they are a part of the organization by linking the success of both. For example, pay a certain percentage of company profits to the employees.
  • Hire adequately so that employees don’t have to overtime if they don’t want to. Compensated employees who are occupied and excited will work the hours needed to get their work done.
  • Provide them with the opportunities for personal growth through on-the-job training and education. Also, assign challenging tasks and higher responsibility.
  • Pass on authority and responsibilities so that employees understand what is expected and feel like a part of the organization.
  • Give opportunities for cross-training and career advancement within the company. Employees need to have room for career development if they are going to stay with the company. This particular strategy substantially cut down employee turnover.
  • Employees often fear prosecution for voicing their concerns. Implement YourSafeHub in your organization to protect such employees with the power of anonymity.

Following these basic recommendations and implementing these tips within your organization will ensure reduced employee turnover. Be one of the very few organizations that value their employees.