5 Steps To Employee Engagement And Effective Communication




Employee Engagement is the most significant factor in the achievement of organizational goals. It is a way to eliminate misunderstandings and put everyone’s efforts in sync to achieve common goals. Once your employees start giving their best, it will lead to a healthy and friendly working environment.

Such results simply can’t be achieved without sturdy communication. As soon as you carry out the following steps, you will see that assigning and managing tasks in your organization has become faster and smoother. Here are 5 ways you can improve workplace communication** to boost employee engagement:**

1. Keep Your Employees In The Loop

Managers and leaders must be communicative about what’s expected. The goals of the organization, priorities, progress reports, and achievements must be shared with the staff at all times. A manager is supposed to lead his/her employees to provide their best in order to achieve the goals of the organization. But that can’t happen when your employees are not clear about what's going on. If the goal is to cut down costs, the manager should be able to explain that to the employees before shutting down an entire production branch.

2. Decentralization

Make sure to pass down necessary authority and all the essential information down to all levels of the organizational hierarchy. You cannot blame anyone for non-completion of work if they weren’t given the proper authority and relevant information to carry out his/her tasks. If a department is tasked to double the production of a given product, the manager must be given the authority to hire new workers or buy new machinery.

3. Reinvent Meetings

More than a fair share of managers believe that meetings are nothing but a waste of time. The reasons could include:

  • Lack of Attention from Employees
  • Lack of a proper agenda
  • Poor Execution
  • Strictly Professional Nature
  • Long Time Spans

Managers should be trained on how to execute meetings in an office. Employees will always indulge in grapevine communication if the official ones are too boring. Make meetings a little more casual and goal oriented. A meeting is supposed to be two way communication process between the managers and employees, but it’s always about the manager passing on a message for the hundredth time and employees trying not to sleep. Make meetings more interesting by randomly inviting input from everyone involved. No one will get bored knowing that he or she might have to speak.

One of the most effective ways to increase employee engagement in meetings is presentations. Visuals are much more engaging than any form of audio or text. An example could be picked up from social media where videos and pictures generate double the engagement compared to text. If you try to explain statistical data in words to a group of people, they will be yawning by the end of the meeting.

4. Step up Office Management

Step up your office management regime by taking it mobile. Management and assignment of tasks should be done with ease. Employee Offman into your organization to manage tasks, progress reports, performance reviews, attendance, and all office related things with a few simple clicks on your browser or mobile. It will save you a lot of hours and money spent on doing these things manually. Not to mention the 24/7 online presence of employees via mobile phones.

5. Anonymous Reporting

Any kind of harassment or bullying in the workplace can ruin all your efforts and leave you clueless. In most cases of workplace harassment, the victim leaves the organization instead of reporting it. It’s really hard to expose such hidden issues and you might keep blaming yourself for something that’s not your fault. Employees suffering from harassment fear persecution for voicing their concerns. Encourage them to file a human resources complaint. Improve your hr investigation process. Implement YourSafeHub in your organization. It's a secure communication channel that protects your employees with the power of anonymity.