6 Strategies To Boost Productivity In Your Workplace



Employee Productivity

Almost everyone goes through some kind of existential crisis now and then. I’m sure everyone reading this article, at some point in their life has left the office wondering if they’ve accomplished anything. Lack of productivity and morale in the workplace is not uncommon. It costs companies incomprehensible amounts in monetary losses every year.

Here’s are 6 strategies to boost productivity in your workplace:

1. Employee Relations

When the connection between the company and its employees is not strong, a lack of productivity is practically inevitable. Your employees wouldn’t care much for their jobs if they’re not held accountable for their tasks and valued for their contributions. The relations between the staff and the manager must be nothing but fruitful and health.

Communicate with your employees regarding their problems and help them through it. Any new challenges must come with ample support from the manager. If your employees feel like the part of the organization, they will do their best to accomplish its interests.

2. Get Rid of Distractions

Distractions in the workplace can kill employee productivity faster than anything else. There are things that can help your employees focus better, and there are things that will take away their focus from actual work.

You need the perfect momentum of things that increase their focus on relevant work and take away the rest.

For instance, any screens must only be limited to work use at work hours. Make sure there’s no office politics to distract their attention. Have an effective human resource manager in place to detect such issues and resolve them.

3. Rewards and Recognition

If your employees are not valued for their good efforts and stand out performances, they won’t be giving it for long. Make sure that their efforts don’t go unnoticed. There’s nothing more motivating for an employee than a compliment from his boss.

Timely give out promotions, bonuses, and pay hikes for exemplary performances. This will motivate the rewarded employees to continue with good performances and inspire others to do the same.

4. Office Field Trips

There’s something about a working environment, that limits relationships to a certain degree. In order to be completely open and comfortable with each other, your employees need to connect outside the office. Organize vacations with your staff every now and then to celebrate accomplishments. You will be amazed to see the dramatic change in relations when you come back to work on Monday.

5. Monthly Polls

If you ever visit an outlet with an employee of the month chart, you would also notice the ‘always positive’ attitude in their staff. A monthly poll based on performance can be a terrific incentive for your employees to do better. Every employee will try his/her best to get or stay on top. Make sure that ranking is strictly performance based and unbiased. Any sign of bias will do the exact opposite and pit your employees against you and each other.

6. Anonymous Communication Channel

If your employees aren’t allowed to share their views and address their concerns without fear, their productivity will keep declining. Make sure they have a secure means to do that. They must be able to communicate about any sensitive issues without fear of retaliation. Implement YourSafeHub in your organization to provide your employees with the power of anonymity. It will provide you with the means to detect and resolve any hidden problems that might be affecting their productivity and restore faith in your workplace.