6 Ways to Make your Employees Productive




Here are some ways you can build an effective workplace culture with productive employees and initiate organizational and individual growth:

1. Prioritize your employees

Your employees are the link between you and your customers. If you don’t prioritize your employees, it will ultimately hamper your customer relationships. Most organizations go with a customer-centric approach and demand long hours from their employees with very little incentives. This is very primitive and the record advice against it. If you do a little research, you will find how every successful Multi-National Corporation has excellent employee engagement. They provide attractive packages with abundant facilities like free food on campus so that their employees stay productive at all times. Many organizations are under the delusion that this is a step that’s taken when your company is thriving, but it’s the other way around.

2. Encourage Liberty

If one of your employees request a leave or take a half day, do not question them. Show them some respect by not asking for an explanation. Taking some time off is not unethical and they certainly deserve some work-life balance. This creates a sense of freedom in the company and gives an impression that you trust your employees.

3. Treat everyone equally

Do not favor one employee against another. Favoritism will hamper their relationship and it might make other employees jealous. If you respect the designation instead of the person, it will further demotivate your employees. You need to show respect to everyone on your staff, regardless of their job profile.

4. Focus on teamworkover competition

Competition can be a good motivator. But it’s a much better one if it’s against the rest of the world, rather than between employees. Employees need to have each other’s backs and complete tasks collectively with collaborated efforts. Focus on teamwork, rather than betting them with each other. Competition between employees can only work in your favor in the short run. In the long run, they will start to despise each other trying to gain recognition.

5. The culture of feedback

Positive feedback is a tremendous motivator. If an employee delivers exceptional performance, make sure to appreciate it in front of his peers to encourage similar behavior. Don’t overdo it, or else he/she might get overconfident.

Feedback should be a two-way process. Your employees should also be able to share their views. Furthermore, they should be able to address any grievances without fear. Employees often fear persecution for voicing their concerns. Make the feedback/reporting process completely anonymous. Employee YourSafeHub in your organization to protect your employees. It’s an anonymous reporting and feedback tool for organizations of all shapes and sizes.

6. Organize group learning sessions

This has proven to be a very effective and creative way towards employee morale, employee growth, and boosts teamwork. Organize a lunch and learn session every week to learn and talk about some non-work topic. This will infuse synergy in the office and boost creativity. Your employees will get the impression that you are also focused on their growth, along with results.