98% Of Your Employees Leak Confidential Data, Here’s How You Prevent That




Companies all over the world have been suffering from a growing number of data leaks. It might now be intentional, but your employees are constantly leaking confidential corporate information. As a matter of fact, 98% of your employees are leaking sensitive corporate data online. Shocking right?

According to a report from the insider threat specialist Dtext Systems:

  • 85% of the assessments saw employees using high-risk, unauthorized applications like vulnerability testing tools.
  • 98% of assessments found sensitive, proprietary corporate information publicly accessible on the web.
  • 100% of assessments found sensitive corporate data being transferred through unauthorized cloud services and unencrypted USBs.
  • 100% assessments found users accessing personal email on work devices.

Businesses need to have the skillfulness in order to apply a befitting plan. Many find it easier to employ a contractor. Irrespective of the size or nature of your business, this article will guide you to prevent data leaks with simple steps.

Here are some ways you can prevent the leak of private information from your organization:

1. Security Training

Train your employees on the basics of data security. Make sure every employee understands the security measures he/she has to follow. Also, educate them about the negative consequences that the company would face, should anybody act carelessly. Have strict policies regarding the use of private unauthorized devices and applications on the company network.

2. Data Protection Officers

In large organizations, it’s common to have a data protection officer in place. They manage everything related to data protection. They make sure that correct measures are taken regarding transfer, storage, and disposal of data so that you don’t have to. This would be considered the easiest and most effective way to prevent the leaks. However, small business might not afford hiring an additional employee for this purpose.

3. Anonymous Reporting for Employees

You cannot keep an eye over your entire organization. Your employees might be a threat in this case, but they’re also the solution to this problem. Cameras cannot catch everything, like the use of private devices on the company network, suspicious behavior suspecting industrial espionage or use of company resources for private gain. Such issues are only witnessed by your employees. But they don’t come forward and rat someone out just because they have a suspicion. Employ YourSafeHub in your organization. It’s an anonymous reporting system for employees to report such hidden issues without the fear of persecution.