How Employers Can Prevent and Handle Retaliation




No organization can survive in the long run without establishing trust with its employees. Employers nowadays are in constant hassle to achieve that point, but never do. This guide will help you retain your employees by giving you some insight on how to prevent and deal with the retaliation. It includes a list of proven measures recommended by the Whistle Blower Protection Programs in The United States.

Following are the practices to prevent and deal with retaliation in your workplace:

1. Training

Training your employees is the first step in dealing with retaliation. If your employees are mentally equipped to understand your decisions and deal with the stress, it reduces the chances of unnecessary conflicts. Give them a reason to trust your insights. There are many third-party organizations you could hire to provide your employees with the necessary training to deal with such issues.

2. Leadership, Commitment, and Accountability

Training of employees also needs to be accompanied by the training of managers to be of any use. Employees will not be serious about avoiding conflicts if the whole process is one-sided. Managers also need to take part in the training process and set an example. Retaliation cannot be cured by disciplining one party. Both employees and managers need to be in sync in order to avoid such conflicts. Managers need to be excellent leaders and highly committed to the cause. Employees should always be included in critical decisions that affect them. If mistakes are made then everyone should be held responsible. Accountability is the most important trait of a good leader. A manager must always accept his inefficiencies in front of his/her subordinates.

3. Anonymous Communication

According to the Whistle Blower Protection Program, having a secure communication and reporting system in your workplace is highly recommended. It creates a sense of safety in the organization, and employees can speak up about sensitive issues without the fear of retaliation. Your employees deserve and demand to be heard. Having a system in place for listening to and resolving their safety concerns will establish trust and loyalty.

Implement YourSafeHub in your organization. YourSafeHub is a secure and anonymous communication system for employees to speak up sensitive issues and concerns. The goal is to prevent any harm to the organization and it’s employees before these issues turn into lawsuits.