What Happens When Employees Do Not Trust Managers?




Employee trust is really important for an organization’s survival. When there is mistrust between an employer and his/her employees, the business will go through several harmful consequences. It is the duty of the manager to maintain trust within the organization. Following is a guide to help you tackle the problems that arise due to mistrust between you and your employees.

Problem: Low Productivity

Productivity will be severely affected due lack of trust between employer and employees. When employees doubt their manager’s judgment, there is a lack of loyalty towards the organizational goals. This indifference frequently leads to slow production and decrease in productivity. Employees will become indisciplined, stop following orders, miss all the deadlines, show up late to work.

Solution to Low Productivity

Give opportunities for your employees to share their knowledge via training sessions and team assignments. People like to share their knowledge. Teaching others strengthens the employee’s own knowledge. Grooming others is the first signal of learning. Give feedbacks and praise their efforts. Your recognition of their contributions is your most powerful tool and it makes them feel valued. Employees feel a sense of belongingness when they see that their work makes a difference. Include your staff in decisions that impact their jobs and the overall path of the company as much as possible. This plan of action will never work or be adopted by them if they only get it in an email. Provide them with the opportunities for personal growth through on-the-job training and education. Also, assign challenging tasks and higher responsibility.

Problem: High Turnover Rate

Mistrust between an employer and his employees would inevitably lead to a higher turnover rate. People need to be valued and rewarded for their talents. When employees are constantly worried about their position in the company, they will start looking for work elsewhere. Not to mention how much expensive turnover is for a company in the long run. New employees are compensated while they are still learning to get to the level of the old ones.

Solution to High Turnover Rate

Show respect for your staff at all times. Listen to their grievances; respect their input; do not discourage or shame them. Make sure they know, that you value them. Enable your employees to balance their work and their life outside it. Permit flexible working hours and vacations. Nobody wants to spend their days working without any time to spend his or her earnings. Make your employees believe, that they are a part of the organization by linking the success of both. For example, pay a certain percentage of company profits to the employees. Workplace Harassment is a leading cause of employee turnover. ImplementYourSafeHub in your organization for reporting purposes. Make sure that your employees know that you value their safety.

Problem: Miscommunication

Communication is affected when there is distrust between the workforce. When employees question their employer’s vision and commands, there will be a lot of badmouthing through grape-vine channels. When gossip is given higher acceptance than the official communication, the future of the company is severely compromised. Moreover, employees become untalkative about their problems and issues. This barrier in communication makes it harder for management to correct any problems.

Solution to Miscommunication

Employees must enter office with a calm and a positive frame of mind. Don’t take things personally. Avoid overreacting at the office. The superiors must not be biased toward anybody. Don’t support any of your employees from others. Do not take action against anyone based on mere rumors against him/her. Don’t believe, neither make believe anybody about anything unless and until there is ample proof. Communicate with your staff about the organizational and human values you want to encourage in the workplace. Counsel individual employees when necessary. Use of informal conflict resolution exercises and effective communication. Employees often fear persecution for voicing their concerns. Implement YourSafeHub in your organization, a special communication channel that protects such employees with the power of anonymity.

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